New Privacy Policy

New Privacy Policy

We now have a new privacy policy which we have been working on for the last while.

The new GDPR coming our on the 25th May 2018 affects us like any other UK business so we have been working hard to get ahead of the game.

Essentially, this deals with how businesses gather and process your data.

From our perspective, we only gather your data (contact information) to allow us to fulfill our contractual obligations to you. In other words, if we couldn’t contact you we couldn’t photograph you wedding or portrait session.

You can ready our new privacy policy by clicking on this link. This also gives details of our cookie policy.

Jim Brown Photography Privacy Policy


What does this mean for you?

Simply put, we only use your contact information for the purposes of contact. We do not market to you and we only retain it as long as we are legally obliged by HMRC.

As some of our clients already know, we do use images for publicity and advertising purposes.

This is standard practice in the photography industry and allows us to show our work. Until now, this was detailed in our contact but under the new regulations will be moved to a separate contract.


We have also made changes to the way we store data. All electronic data is stored on encrypted hard disks and all paper copies are kept in a secured cabinet.

You can read more about GDPR at the ICO website


Now we are getting back to what we love. Photographing couples on their big day.


new privacy policy