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Hi from Jim and Angela

Husband and Wife wedding photography team from Falkirk

Meet the Team.

Jim Brown Photography is a husband and wife team of photographers based in Falkirk in Central Scotland.

We have been running as a business for three years now and this last year has been extremely busy as our reputation has built. While we do advertise, a lot of our wedding bookings are from word of mouth or recommendation.

We really enjoy weddings and being a part of a Bride and Groom’s big day gives us a buzz and is the reason we do this.

Jim is the lead photographer. His favourite photographer is Ansell Adams.

Jim has over 30 years photographic experience going back to the days of 35mm and all manual cameras.  Now, having gone exclusively digital, he uses a range of Nikon bodies including the D4, D750 and D800. He loves to get creative with lighting and backlighting.

 He’s also a bit of a gadget nut and loves buying the latest new shiny, electronic thing. He is also the proud owner of two Nerf guns and a big Scalextric set.

Angela uses a Nikon D750. She has a real eye for a shot and is a perfectionist when it comes to detail. She will often look over a composition again just to make sure she is happy with it and notices if a wedding dress is even a fraction out of line. 

It’s this attention to detail that makes her such a skilled photographer and she loves it. Angela just loves being at weddings and usually has a big smile on her face the entire day. She is also a people person and strives to ensure every Bride and Groom’s day goes smoothly and the happy couple enjoy the experience.



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