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So why have an engagement or pre-wedding shoot?

We would always encourage couples to have an engagement/pre-wedding shoot.

In the run up to your wedding, it’s an opportunity for you both to have a little you-time. Let’s be honest, you won’t have a great deal of it as you will be so busy planning and organising.

It’s also a great opportunity for couples to get a feel for being in front of the camera with a professional photographer and, for our wedding couples, it gives us a chance to break the ice and get to know each other.

It also lets your creative side out so you can try out some of your own ideas or poses and go a little crazy (if you want)

The Details

Your engagement / pre-wedding shoot would typically last around 90 minutes and be at a mutually convenient location. Generally, this would be somewhere that has meaning for both of you. This could be a park you like to walk in or woodland you spend time in.

Your photos will be uploaded to your personal online *gallery which you are free to share with family and friends allowing them to view them. You also have the option to purchase and download high resolution images from the gallery.

You will receive a copy of your photos on CD/USB royalty free which allows you to print or display them online.

You’ll also receive two 9″ x 6″ prints of you choice with our compliments.

An engagement / pre-wedding shoot on location is £249 or free when you choose our Gold Wedding Photography Package.


* Prints, canvasses and downloads can also be purchased from the gallery or you can contact us direct for more information.