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A Typical Day in the Life of a Wedding Photographer

Is there really such a thing as a typical day?

The Life of a Wedding Photographer.

A typical wedding day normally starts the night before.

We start by checking and cleaning all the equipment we will use on the day. There are batteries to be charged, memory cards to be formatted and a lot of lenses to be cleaned ready for the big day. We check all our speedlights and lighting systems as these are used extensively on the day.

Typical equipment we use at a wedding is listed in the link below. We normally use three roller cases for easier transport.

We always scout venues well before the wedding day so we know what to expect regarding lighting, etc.

At the Venue.

On the day, we will arrive at the venue early to allow us to set up any fixed lighting and stands. If we are photographing the bridal preparations, we will do this is an understanding and unobtrusive manner allowing the bride her space as required. We will take photos showing the flowers, shoes and, most importantly, the wedding dress but we also like to showcase the fun and emotion of the day and the relationship between the bride and her bridesmaids as well as her family.

The Ceremony.

From shots of the nervous looking groom being reassured by his best man to the bride’s arrival. The bride walking down the aisle with her escort. The ceremony and The Kiss! There isn’t a moment to spare and a wedding photographer needs to be able to manage their time efficiently.

After the ceremony, we get the formal shots of the Bride and Groom with their family and friends. If our couple has requested any special shots, this is when we get time for them. Everyone loves the traditional photographs and we usually find out who the characters are during this.

Once we’ve done this, we will leave everyone to enjoy their meal . This allows us a little time to grab a bite to eat before we begin again.

Time for the speeches. Capturing the groom’s reaction when the best man is giving away all his secrets can be priceless.

It’s normally round about now the happy couple cut the cake and we prefer to do a posed shot. That way, we can control the light and the environment to ensure a perfect shot. We then stand back and let the friends and family take their photos although we have our cameras ready just in case. I have seen brides push some wedding cake in their new husband’s face and this can be a great memory for the happy couple, albeit a bit messy.

Then it’s time for the evening guests to  arrive and on to the first dance. We have our favourite way to light this so we usually have a chat with the groom beforehand to pass on our ideas. After that, more dancing and photographs before we start dismantling everything and pack it away ready to leave.

Once we’re home, we can relax?

You would think that would be it, but no. It’s only the start. After this comes the days behind the computer editing hundreds of images to get the look we want before uploading them to your online gallery. We also put them on a presentation flash drive ready for delivery.

Finally, we design your wedding album using our online software before placing the order and awaiting delivery. Once it arrives, we quality check it before arranging delivery.


*Based on a Full Day wedding